USS Searcher Web Site Contributors

I want to thank all who have taken the time sifting through forty year old hiding places to find all the neat "stuff" you have sent me to be used on this web site.  As you know, it is a fairly new addition to the list of YAGR sites but is growing in leaps and bounds....thanks to you.  I hope that you continue to find pictures, sea stories, mess hall menu's, news articles, awards, or anything that would be appropriate for all to view. I would like to encourage all who served on her to take part in developing this web site.  Let's make this a fun project for everyone.

Frank Pulaski (Ski)  ETN3, USS Searcher 1958-1961


Bill Borthwick
Gerry Dietz
Jim Ashworth
Jim Bruder - Plankowner
Byron Franklin
Harry Miller
Strafford Moss
Ray Fisher
John Westcott
Bob Rowe
Tom Yerou
Roy Godbolt
Curt Willbanks - Plank owner
Tom Manning
David Guse
Erv Thomure
John Miele
Bud Moore
Gordon Broome
Steve Mierzejewski
Walt Adams
Leonard Cooperman
Andy Guglielmo - Plank owner

Dave Lilyquist

If I forgot to list your name please let me know.  It's tough getting old you know.

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