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Living in Searsburg, VT and wondering how I could better use my computer, I found out from my aunt Hazel O'Brien, that the first permanent settler in Searsburg, VT was my 3rd great grandfather Joseph Crosier.  So that is where I started (around 1990) putting all this information on family group sheets and then transferring it all to Family Tree Maker on the computer.  There are hundreds of Crosier's in the data base.  I had a lot of help along the way from cousins that provided a lot of names, dates, places etc.    There is some source information but to be truthful when I first started it was how quick could I fill my computer not really knowing a lot about documenting where the source of information came from.  But I will still say there is a high percentage of accuracy in the data.  Use it for information and enjoy.  There would not be enough room to attempt to thank everyone who submitted information and if I did I would surely leave someone out so I will only say that a large portion came from several individuals, Hazel (Shippee) O'Brien,  Theresa (Stevens) Kilanski, Tim Davis and Iris (Wilcox) Baird, Martha (Crosier) Wood and a special thanks to Charles Crosier.  The data base presently numbers 43,602 individuals.

My recent discoveries found through contacts because of my DNA testing include the birth place of my grand father Jan Poplawski in Czerwonka, Poland,  his father Jozef Poplawski and wife Ewa Pajak (Pająkowska}, and Jozef's parents Adam Poplawski and wife Marianna Chmielewska

Last updated 8/18/2023

Although there are hundreds of surnames listed, there are several that I consider my direct family.   
 You will find a large number of Crosier, Davis, O'Brien, Poplaski, Pulaski names.
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