by Charles Crosier

DNA Study Progress

(Updated 5/18/2012)

The pursuit of genealogy has long been the realm of the scribe and griot, but now it has a new tool to recall the past of families, DNA testing. This tool is aiding but not replacing the written pedigree much as the X-ray aided but did not replace the hands on examination of a physician. This is an exciting time for the genealogist because we are at the beginning and even one DNA sample makes such an impact on the understanding of our family’s past.

DNA information on Crozier Surname DNA Project website:

The following are called Group #2 at the Crozier Surname DNA Project :

Sample #219057 is from the Halifax, Vt. line descended from John b. 1695, Arthur, James, Rufus, Orval, Robert Crosier

Sample #180858 is from the Halifax, Vt. line descended from John b. 1695, John, Philip, Benjamin, Melvin, Robin Crosier.

Sample #119438 is from the Drumhose, Fermanagh line of James b.1779, Charles, Thomas, Francis Crozier.

Sample #203266 descended from a John Crozier in Pennsylvania, d. 1779

The two Halifax, Vt. samples are known to be fifth cousins once removed.  There is a common ancestor between the Halifax and Dumhose lines presently calculated at ~1650.  There is a common ancestor of the Pennsylvania and the Halifax Crosier line presently calculated at ~1575

This Group #2 is Haplotype R-Z29460

There is another group of samples called group #1 at the Crozier Surname DNA Project consisting of #121888, #150726, and #157243; these Croziers are matched with a common ancestor unto themselves. However Cros/zier groups 1 and 2 are not considered to be genetically related although they could be part of the same Cros/zier grayne from Liddesdale. If you peruse the data in the marker alleles section you will observe only five mismatched marker values between # 180858, #119438 and #219057, and a similar amount of mismatch within the other Crozier group #2.

This Group #1 is Haplotype R-L1066

Group #3 is Crozier sample #201836, presently unrelated to any of the other samples.

Crossett DNA Study

DNA sampling has allowed us to verify that the Crosier and Crossett families are not genetically related and that the church records from New Salem, Massachusetts are incorrect in listing the children of Robert Crossett with the surname Crosier.

Crossett YDNA information is available on the Cross DNA Project Website

Listed as Haplogroup I - Lineage I

The Crossett family is represented by two children of William Samuel Crossett.

Sample #173544 is descended from Archibald and his son Jacob,

Sample #202275 is descended from Robert and his son Edward Crossett of New Salem Massachusetts

Sample #226528 is descended from James Crossett born 1821

These samples are Haplotype I-FGC21611

We may see that the Crossett family is a separate and discreet entity from any Cros/zier line tested so far.

We can see from the preceding information that there are several separate genetic lines of Cros/ziers, there are probably several more as populations that settled in Canada, Australia, New York, Massachusetts, Carolinas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania as well as the original population in the British Isles that have not presented samples. There is YDNA verification of use of the Cros/zier patronym since before 1575.