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The time line shown here is not an attempt to link all Crosiers genetically. It is a historical account of events occurring throughout the ages that were significant or involved the name Crosier, Croyser, Crossar, Croser, Crossett, Crozer, Crozier. Are all Crosier spellings linked? One can come up with their own conclusions as the time line is read and DNA and other studies are continued.

Roman Augurs use a crooked staff called a lituus to mark the heavens into regions during divination. The lituus becomes a symbol of the office and religious authority of the augurs. The use of the curved wand has roots extending back before recorded history.   More info, More info





Construction of Hadrian’s Wall commences.  More info, More info.

0633    The first unequivocal reference to the baculum pastoralis or pastoral staff as a Liturgical Instrument of the Catholic Church occurs in the  twenty-seventh cannon of the Council of Toledo.   The bearer of the staff is termed the pedarius.

Saint Bega crosses the Irish Sea on a raft of turf and founds a nunnery near what is now St. Bees Head.  More info


The Angles and Saxons come to the British Isles. 

1066    October 14 - Bishop Odo de Bayeux, William the Conquerors’ half brother attends the Battle of Hastings with his crosier, or staff bearer, whose name was William, and a retinue of servants.  More info
1073-1085    Pope Gregory VII promulgates eccesiastical laws to reaffirm the norms concerning continence of the clergy and the prohibition of marriage for clerics in major orders.
1078   Bishop Odo lays waste to Durham, and absconds with a sapphire crosier

William the Conqueror appoints William St. Calais (aka Carilef) Bishop of Durham in Northumberland.   

1083    Because of their strong links with the native aristocracy Bishop William St. Calais replaces secular clergy at Durham with monks from Jarrow (Jurra). This replacement of secular clerks,  with monks having taken vows of chastity was part of the Normans establishing control of England.

 The Doomesday Book is written. It lists the name, location and taxable value of property held by: the king, churchmen and religious houses, lay tenants-in-chief, kings serjeants, and English thegns. William St. Carilef is commissioner for part of the books’ writing  More info


   The First Crusade, Christian states are established through out the Levant. Those taking crusade vows are called crocesignatus meaning “bearing the sign of the cross” or peregrinatus meaning “pilgrim”.


   David I becomes king of Scotland and introduces the feudal system of landholding

1170    Thomas Becket (Saint Thomas) martyred “one Syr Edward Gryme, that was his croyser, put forth his arm with the crosse to bere of the stroke, and the stroke smote the crosse on sonder.”

March 20 - The Boldon Book is written, it lists the those areas in the northeast of England liable to tax by the Bishop of Durham that had not been listed in the Doomsday Book. 


 Richard I is King of England. 


   The Order of the Crutched (crossed) Friars is founded by Blessed Theodore Celles in Clairlieu, Belgium. They are now known as the  Crosier Fathers and Brothers, Canons Regular.  Their Crosier name is derived from the French croises; (those signed with the Cross). A distinctive mark of the Crosiers is the red and white crusaders’ cross worn on the scapular of their religious habit. Some of the founding Crosiers participated in the Crusades.  More info

 Henry III is the Plantagenet King of England. During this time Richard le Crosier witnesses an indenture of release from William de Livermore, prior of the hosp. of St. Peter to John le Ferur of Bury.  More info

1234/35    Simon Croyser granted land in Hinwick by fine to Robert Savage.  More info
1241    Willemus le Croyser is mentioned in the "Cartulary of Eynsham" text - it is in Latin

Robert Croyser serves as a juror on a mater concerning the Manor of the Abbey of Eec, original manuscript in Latin reads Robertus le Croyser. “Select Pleas in Manorial and other Seignorial Courts”, Frederic Maitland

1268    February 4 - Henry Croiser is in prison in New Castle upon Tyne for the death of Agnes de Hertrepol

Edward I is king of England. The term “crozier”(current spelling at the time of transcription in 1904) is used to refer to the man holding the position of bearer of the bacculus pastorilus in the book “Lists and Indexes, Issue 17, List of Inquisitions Ad Quod Damnum Preserved in the Public Record Office” by Great Britain Public Record Office

1278    Nicholas Croyser holds 7 virgates of the honour of Gloucester.  He has also succeeded to Hinwick lands of Simon Croyser. This is the first verification that the surname Croyser is being passed down through the family

 November 11 -  Benedict, prior of St. Bees demises to Roger Croyser his land in the vill of Haversham in the territory of Milnethorpe for one half mark yearly.  More info 1


Ralph Croyser serves as a juror on a mater concerning the Manor of the Abbey of Eec


March 30 -  Residents of Berwick-on-Tweed “moon” Edward I, king of England, he then storms the defenses and “the city ran with blood like a river”. 


August 28 - All Scottish land holders are summoned to a parliament at Berwick held by Edward I of England, to sign the Ragman Rolls


John Croyser, son of Nicholas Croyser enters into a land agreement with John de Grey. This messuage is now associated with Hinwick Hall Manor previously owned by the Pabenham family. 


July -  Institution of Richard Croyser, priest, to the church of S. Alban of Worcester, at the presentation of the abbot of Evesham.  More info


Henry II rules England. For some part of this time Simon le Croiser is Coroner of the kings household. “Baronial Opposition to Edward II: Its Character and Policy” by James Conway Davies


Letters dimisory of the Bishop of Durham are dated for John son of Roger Croyser to be ordained to all holy orders by any Catholic bishop of the Holy See, upon his exhibiting a proper title. The Latin reads:”Johanni filio Rogeri Croyser de Cranwecro’, acolyte” Registrum palatinum Dunelmense: the register of Richard de Kellawe, Volume 1 By Richard Kellawe

1314    Battle of Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce defeats the English, Scotland independent

June 15 - Simon le Croiser is clerk of the kings market (Edward II).”Calendar of the close rolls preserved in the Public Record Office: Volumes 1323-1327”

1324    June 1 - Simon Croyser, king’s sergeant, appointed to arrest Thomas de Bisshopestone
1324    John de Grey dies seised of Swanton Manor
1324    “Robert Mareschal of Leicester confessed before Simon Croyser, coroner of the King's hospitium, that he and twenty-seven other persons had conspired with John of Notingham, necromancer at Coventry, to kill the King, the two Despensers, and the Prior, Seneschal, and Cellarer of Coventry, by means of wax images.” The Prosecution of heretics in mediaeval England” by John Rea Bacher “

February 14 - Simon Croyser attaches John De Sutton upon Trent who is detained in Chains. “Collections for a history of Staffordshire, Volume 14”

1326    February 12 - Simon Croyser is appointed bailiff of Wynchelse, La Rope, Hastings and Rye and of the Manor of Iham  

  June 14 - The King orders Henry le Scrope, Walter de Beauchamp, John de Heslarton, Nicholas de Langton, and Simon Croyser to inquire into a fray at York between English foot soldiers of the counties of Lincoln and Northampton and those of Hainsult

1327    December 6 - Walter de Trailli acknowledges that he owes Simon Croyser 6L. 
1328    May 7 - Simon Croyser acknowledges that he owes to John de Stotevill 40 marks
1330    Swanton Manor, Harrold, Bedfordshire, is let to Simon Croyser and his wife Ellen for life. 
1333    Battle of Halidon Hill
1336    July 12 - Simon Croyser and Hugh del Croft are ordered by the king to delay collecting taxes in county Bedford because of a recent fire.

March 1 - Simon Croyser of Bedfordshire and others are ordered by King Henry III to gather archers to be led to Norwich. 

1343    Thomas Croyser, brother of William Croyser, donsel of William de Greye, Knight, kinsman and ambassador of the king, is studying at Cambridge
1343    Simon Croyser acknowledges that he owes to William de Melchebourn 33L. to be levied etc. in co. Bedford

   January 6 - William Croyser, donsel of John de Grey, the king’s kinsman and ambassador, requests on behalf of  Stephen Croyser,   of the diocese of Lincoln, a canonry and prebend of London. The request is granted by Pope Clement the VI in Avignon


November 8 - William Croiser, donsel, and a member of the household of John de Greye, knight, the kings kinsman and  ambassador, requests that their confessor may give plenary remission at the hour of death to himself, Simon his father, Elena his mother, and John Wade. The request is granted by Pope Clement the VI in Avignon.


   Pardon for good service to the king in his passage to Normandy for William son of Henry de Redman and Thomas son of Robert Croyser of Heveresham

1346    July 11 -  William Croyser receives guardianship of the Manors of Hynewick, Pabenham and Farendissh, and all the lands which belonged to Thomas Pabenham, tenant in chief, which were in the kings hand by reason of the minority of Thomas’s heir, to hold until the heir should come of age. 
1346    October 17 - Battle of Nevilles Cross

William Croyser is High Sheriff of Bedfordshire. 

1347    July 22 - Walter Croyser is Keeper of the Forest, of Bernewood, co. Buckingham.
1347    William Croyser marries Alice, her first husband was Thomas Pabenham. 

   November 18 - William Croyser escheater in county Bedford experiences in law problems. 


William Croyser is appointed sheriff of Bedford and Buckingham County


December 4 - William Croyser grants to Lady Pabenham, mother of Thomas Pabenham 16 marks of early rent to be received of his manors of Hynewick and Pabenham in county Bedford. 


June 13 -William Croiser sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire is replaced by John Chastillon.”The Chancery Under Edward III”

1350    “The Black Death” comes to the Borderlands ~30% mortality
1350   The lands of Robert Fitzneil, an idiot, the result of a jousting accident, are put into the care of William Croyser to whom the crown owed money. 

October 18 - William Croyser is granted custody of the lands late of Robert Grym, who held the abbey of Rameseye by knight service, now in the king’s hands by reason of the nonage of the heir and the last voidance of the abbey


February 24 - William Croyser, escheater has died and his estate is being put in order. 

1354    July 15 - William Croyser, acknowledges that he owes to William Aubernoun, knight, 200 marks; to be levied etc. in the county of Bedford.
1356    January, Burnt Candlemas, Edward III destroys abbeys and churches on his advance to Lothian

William D’Abernon dies, his daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Croyser, inherits the manor of Albury


May 20 - William Croiser knight to Thomas de Camoys (Kimmis) knight.  Recognisance for 1000 marks, to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in Bedfordshire.”Calendar of the Close Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office: 1360-1364”


September 3 - Thomas Croiser is rector of Repham “Calendar of entries in the Papal registers relating to Great Britan”


November 5 - John, Duke of Lancaster grants houses, manors, towns , lands and tenements belonging to the earldom of Richmond to William of Wickham, William Croiser and others as security for money he had borrowed in preparation for his voyage into Gascony.”Annual Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, Volumes 31-32”


Sir Will Croiser and others are appointed to view and repair the sewers banks and sewers upon the verge of the river Wythom, from Marton Dyke to Boston. So also were William Croiser and others, from those betwixt Boston and Stickeswald. “The History and Antiquities of Boston” by Pishey Thompson.

1368    William Croyser is Kings Justice in eyre to hold the pleas of the forest of the kings’ son John, Duke of Lancaster

April 22 -  William Croiser, knight, is the deforciant and Reynold Grey of Ruthyn, knight,and Philip Erneys are querants in a plea of covenant concerning the manor of abenham and 5 messuages, 8 carucates of land, 40 acres of meadow, 40 acres of wood and 60 shillings of rent in Rislee and Yeuelden'. More info - Original document

1371-1375    Sir William Croyser is steward of the household and on the Privy Council of John of Gaunt

   Edward de Kendale conveyed the Woodcroft Manor to William de Croisores and other trustees. 


July 1 - William Croiser, knight, is a querent in a plea of covenant concerning 4 messuages, 3 carucates of land, 13 acres of meadow and 26 acres of wood in Titeburst', Aldenham, Idelstre, Egeswere and P[ar]ua Stanmere.  More info - Original document


“Registrum honoris de Morton” lists the “Extendus Terrarum Vallis De Lydell”.  It lists the “Locus Croyser” as having a value of v s. That is the area or holdings of the Croyser family or grayne has a value of five s. (shillings?). This is a very small value or area compared to the other holdings listed. This is the first indication of Croysers occupying lands in Liddesdale. 


   June 22 - Robert Turk and Beatrice,his wife quitclaim the manor of Shalden' and 1 carucate of land, 16 acres of meadow and 40 shillings of rent in Shirefeld'.to William Croiser, knight, and William Bukbrigge, clerk.   Original document


July 8 -  William Croiser, knight, son of Simon Croiser of Yeuelden' of the county of Bedford and of Elizabeth, the wife of the same William, and William Bukbrigge, clerk, receive the reversion of The manor of Shalden' and 1 carucate of land, 16 acres of meadow and 40 shillings of rent in Shirefeld'.from Elizabeth, who was the wife of Edward de Kendale, knight, the younger.  More info - Original document


William Croyser, trustee for Edward de Kendale (ut supra) released all his right in the Woodcroft Manor to Robert Turk and Beatrice his wife


The last Plantagent monarch, Richard II is King of England

1378    The Western Schism, two or three popes preside simultaneously until 1418
1379    Elizabeth, wife of Sir William Crosier Knt. granted her manor of Brettegrave, formerly part of the possessions of the convent of Chertsey,  to Adam and Henry Bamme - citizens and goldsmiths of London
1379    June 18 - Sir William Croyser and his heirs has grant of free warren (right to hunt wild animals) in all their demesne lands at their manors of Maydecroft, county Herford, and Wrastlyngworth,  county Bedford “Calendar of the charter rolls preserved in the Public Record Office: Volume 5 “. 

October 6 - William Croyser, knight, and Elizabeth, his wife, relinquish the manor of Teyngton' Dru and the advowson of the church of Teyngton' Thomas de Staynthrop', clerk, Thomas de Barton', clerk, Alexander Merle and Robert de Brantyngham


October 13 -   William Crosier, Knight is the querent in a plea of covenant concerning the manor of Quyntone, at Westminister in the county Northamptonshire, the deforciants are John Stoke and his wife Elizabeth and William Sperhawk.  Original document

1381    June - Wat Tylers’ Rebellion, William Croyser, Esq. is contracted to defend Wat Tyler.  “Thomae Walsingham, quondam monachi S. Albani, Historia “ by Thomas Walsingham,

Willimo Croyser sits on an assize that hears the case of Grynde Cobbe “Gesta abbatum monasterii Sancti Albani: A. D. 1349-1411”by Thomas Walsingham


William Croyser, variously Croser and Croiser, is a justice of the peace in the counties of Surrey and Hertford. “Calendar of the Patent rolls preserved in the Public record office, Volume 4” by Great Britain. Public Record Office. 

1386    Sir William Croyser dies, he leaves his eldest son, Sir Wlliam Croyser, heir, his will directs that his body be buried in the church of St. Mary, Stoke Dabernon.  More info
1387    Will of Sir William Croyser kt., his executors are his widow Elizabeth Croyser, Sir John Croyser, kt, his son, John Bokingham, capellanus, and William Dalby, r. of Stoke D’Abernon “The history and antiquities of the County of Surrey”.  Also “Publications of the Bedfordshire Historical Record Society” volume 14
1388    Battle of Otterburn
1390    Elizabeth Croyser marries John Grey. 
1391     John Grey dies. 

May 10 - Elizabeth Croyser widow of William Croyser Knight has problems with debt. 


Elisabetha Croyser is listed in “Calendarium Inquis post Mortem”. 


February 3 - John, son of the King of England, Duke of Lancaster (aka John of Gaunt) writes his will. A codicil to the will leaves to his dear son Thomas Beaufort manors which belonged to Edward de Kendale, the reversion of which had been bought of Dame Elizabeth Crosier. 


 The lands of Elizabeth d’Abernon Croyser Grey pass to her son William Croyser. 


June 20 -  John Croysere, clerk, and John Smyth of Weston’ Inge receive a messuage in Luton.  More info - Original document

1402    Battle of Homildon Hill

September 27 -  William of Wykham, Bishop of Winchester, dies he leaves to Edithe, his cousin, wife of William Croyser, 100l. sterling. 

1406    May 27 -  Westminster, William Croyser esquire, of the county of Surrey, son and heir of William Croyser, knight, for not appearing to answer Thomas Moore touching a trespass, to answer William Palmere, citizen and vintner of London, touching a debt of 12 marks.   More info

William Croyser and his wife Katerina obtain lands once held by Maurice Bode


 Anne Croyser is born; she is the daughter of William Croyser, Esq. and his wife Edith, and heiress of Stoke D’Abernon and Fetcham, Surrey. She married successively Ingram Bruyn, Richard Tyrrell, Esq. and Henry Norbury, Knt. More info

1413     August 28 -  University of St. Andrews receives sanction of Pope Benedict XIII.  William Croyser is professor of philosophy and logic. 
1415    September 12 -  William, Croyser , eldest son of Sir William Croyser, dies, he had inherited Stoke d’Abernon, Surrey, England from his mother Elizabeth d’Abernon Croyser. 
1417-1431    Martin V Pope, the Western Schism ends.
1418-1461     William Croyser is variously Archdeacon of Teviotdale, is involved with many intrigues and confrontations between the Pope in Rome, the English Church, and the Church in Scotland.  William Croyser was an agent of the Black Douglas’ in church affairs, “Vengeance in the Middle Ages: Emotion, Religion and Feud”. 

   January 14 - “Recently the Pope dispensed William Croyser, M.A., scholar in Theology, canon and sub-dean of Dunkeld, and archdeacon of Teviotdale in the Church of Glasgow, that he might hold the perpetual vicarage of the parish church” “Calander of Scottish Suplications to Rome”

and 1443

   David Croyser is the Abbot of Newbattle, the head of the Cistercian monastic community of Newbattle Abbey, Midlothian. 


   April 28 - William Croyser of Hytchyn and others receives 1 messuage, 28 acres of  land and a moiety of 1 acre of meadow in Peryton' and Offelee from William Kylbeef' of Lynle and Agnes, his wife.  More info - Original document


 Sir William de Ogilvy, John de Methven, canon of Glasgow, and William Croiser, Archdeacon of Teviotdale, took it on themselves, by oath to Pope and Cardinals, to try to persuade James II to repeal certain laws which he had made against the liberties of the Church.” The medieval bishops of Dunblane and their church” James Hutchison Cockburn.  More info


17th year of Henry VII, John Crosier is a bailiff in the city of York “Eboracum: or, the history and antiquities of the City of York: By Francis Drake”

1440    August 4 -  James Croyser, is provisionally Archdeacon of Teviotdale if his kinsman William resigns.  More info
1445    William Croyser of St. Albans is buried at St. Peters
1445    February - Elizabeth de Burnyghyll and her husband Nicholas Croyser inherit the manor of Newbiggyng and Margaret and Thomas Forester inherit the manor of Scolacle

March 29 - Nicholas Croyser is impaneled on a jury in the county of Durham concerning the ownership of the manor of Healey


March 6 - Johanna, age 13, is the wife of John Croser and heir, jointly with Alice the wife of John Heghyngton, he held lands and tenements in Shildon, Redworth, Wakerfeld, and land called Brakes in Midrige


   October 12 - Anne Croyser dies, she was the heir of Stoke d’Abernon and Fetcham, she and her husband, Sir Henry Norbury are buried at Grey Friars, London.  “Surrey collections, Volume 10” By Surrey Archaeological Society


   February 16 - Thomas 24 years of age is the son and next heir of John Heghynton, at the time of his death the lands were held by Alice his wife and mother of Johanna late wife of John Croser.  More info


Clans of Armstrong, Elwald (Elliot), Crossar, Wigham, Nyxon, and Harison made an inroad into Northumberland to stir up the Northumberland men in favor of placing the pretender Perkin Warbeck on the English throne

1497    August 19 - ”A Respitt for WILZAM CROSER, burgess of Hadingtoun, for art and part of slauchter of John Thomson, committit apon suddante alanerly” from:  Registrum secreti sigilli regum Scotorum by Scotand, Mathew Livingstone

John Norbury, son of William Norbury and Anne Croyser inherits Albury manor in Surry. 


Nicholas Croyser inherits the manor of Newbigging from his grandmother Elizabeth (de Burnynghill) Croyser


The King of England Henry VII is succeeded by Heney VIII

1513    Battle of Flodden

April 26 - The will of William Grenewod of the parish of Halifax is proved, he leaves a tunic to Robert Croser.  More info

1516 August 20 -  Pope Leo X grants to all the faithful an indulgence of 500 days for every our Father or Hail Mary said with devotion on the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary blessed by the General of the Crosier Fathers.  More info

December 12 - Several Nyksons, amoung them dief Jok Noble otherwise called Nykson,and Dande his brother, the sons of William Nickson other wise named Fyngerles, and James Croyser otherwise called Jame Twykks, entered the regalie of Hexam, and drove off ten oxen and a bull belonging to the convent, and were pursued into Scotland

1523-1534    Clement VII Pope

Date uncertain - Lord Dacre in a letter to Cardinal Wolsey gives an account of an inroad of the Elwards, Nixons, Armstrongs, and Crosers, inhabiting the debatable ground, to the number of 300 who slew eleven of his servants, and took others prisoner

1525     Archbishop of Glasgow, Gavin Dunbar, Places a curse on the reivers of the border lands. 

   August - A foray of about thirty Nixons and Crosers cross the border into Bewcastle and carry away a small herd of cattle from Thirlwall. Warden Dacre’s men pursue and are ambushed by men from Liddesdale

1530    Approximate first use of the term “crosier” to specify the pastoral staff
1531    August 30 - A raid was made by certain Englishmen of Gillesland and Tynedale, assisted by Simon Armstrong “the Laird” and Clement Crosar from Liddesdale, in which Buccleuch was captured. James the V. sent an ambassador to Henry the VIII to complain

   January 26 - James V grants a pardon to Simon Armstrong and Clement Crosar for their part in the capture of Buccleuch


   April 19 - A muster roll of Whicester, Northumberland lists John Croser, able with horse and harnes


   February 3, Forty-four English rebels are reported to have reset (taken refuge) with Robyn Elwald, Clemy and John Croser.

1541     Armstrons, Elliots and Crosiers of Liddesdale storm Houghton Castle in North Tynedale.  More info
1541    Liddesdale reivers, Armstrons, Elliots and Crosiers ravage Bewcastle and kill seven Fenwicks
1541     John Knox brings the reformation to Scotland Rakistonleas the pele tower of Martin Croser is built near Riccarton, which is near Saughtree, Scottland with Peel Fell, and the English border to the east Another pele tower near by at Dawston Rig, also called Hudshouse Rig, is owned by the Crosiers and called Hudshouse Tower “History of the Berwickshire Naturalist Club, Volume 12” pages 459-467.  More info

   The rental of Liddesdale lists the number of households, 46 Elliots, 34 Armstrongs, 23 Nixons, and 13 Crosiers.   

1542    Battle of Solway Moss

July - A challenge is alleged to have been sent by Cardinal Benton to Sir Ralph Eure challenging him to a duel and the Duke of Suffolk believes it to be “a piece of brag got up by one Clement Crosier, ‘one of the strongest thieves of Scotland’ in order to stir new commotions”

1544    The “Rough Wooing” King Henry VIII invades southern Scotland and destroys Scottish Abbeys
1544    June 7 - ”Bond of the persons hereafter named to be full partakers with England and to serve the King of England against his enemies, either in Scotland of elsewhere, as commanded, for the performance whereof they have this day given to Sir Ralph Eure, lord warden of the Middle Marches” bonds similar to this were subscribed to by: John Crosier of Agerstonesheldes and 56 Crosiers or their dependants (surnames include Yong, Elwode, Hunter and Hindemers), also John Hall of Newbigging and 15 Halls, also George Nixson of Larlestane and 32 others surnamed Nixson “Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 19 Part 1: January-July 1544”, Also:“The Hamilton Papers: A.D. 1643-1590” page 742
1545    Battle of Ancrum Moor - Crosiers fight on the side of the English but then change sides, the Scottish have a major victory.  They wear an arm band of red with a white cross saltire which they remove when they realign to the Scottish side.  

   Croysers of Lyddesdale slay a Phenick of Northumberland and use him with extraordinary cruelty


A band composed of Olivers, Crosiers, Halls, and Turnbulls, while under assurance of the English, take Edgerstone by storm, and leave twenty of their men to garrison the fort.

1547    Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

February 8 - A letter fromWyllyam Grey of Wilton to Sumerset,- Sir Ralph Bulmer, and Sir Oswald Wolstropp burn the town of Hawick, the houses of Clement Croser at Hummilknowes, Marten Croser at Thornebogg, and “Cockes” John Croser at Askar Knowe, are burned to the “harde grownde”. John Croser and 30 of the best  sort “thereawayes” are prisoners.  “Calendar of the State Papers relating to Scotland and Mary, Queen of Scots” by Joseph Bain

1554    August 13 - Nicholas Crosier names Nicholas age 19 his son and next heir of the Manor of Newbiggein “The Fourty-Fourth Annual Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records”
1557    March 21 - The will of John Wood of Mixenden in the parishe of Hallifax gives to John Croyser,”my sonne in law one cowe” "Halifax wills: being abstracts and translations of the wills registered at York from the parish of Halifax"

   May 22 - Richard Crosseir of Rednys (bur. of Whitgifte), York writes his will. 

1567-1625    James VI King of Scotland. 

May 10 - The Laird of Gledstains is answerable to the Scottish Warden for the conduct of a number of Liddesdale Croziers, who had established themselves at Humbleknowes. The head of the Croziers was Clame (Clement) in Hummilknowes “History of the Berwickshire Naturalists Club” volume 13


Five Crozier families are recordered as living in the north of Ireland.  More info

1571    June - Crosiers raid Wark to acquire horses

   March 31 - Sir John Forster reports to Lord Burghley,that a party of the Fenwicks guided by John of Stonehouse, rode into Liddesdale by night and slew six Crosers in their beds “Certain Crosiers of Liddlesdale, being men of the worst demeanour in all the Borders, and neither obedient or answerable to prince or warden, he practised with certain gentlemen whereof the Fenwicks were the chief for their apprehension, who got them betrayed, and thought to have brought them to him, but they were so stubborn in their defence that the said gentlemen chanced to kill some of them. If any information should chance to be made against the doing thereof, he desires that he may have knowledge thereof. Fernielmrst being put from his living has in despite of those who keep the same burnt his own corn, and many of his houses hard to the gates of Ferniehurst. “Calendar of State Papers, Foreign Series, of the Reign of Elizabeth: 1572-1574”

1575    July 5 -Redeswire Fray Sir John Heron, keeper of Tindale and Redesdale, at a border meeting gives up John of Stonehouse to Mr. Carmichael.  An arrow is launched by one of the Croziers, wounding the English warden, John Forster in the arm.  A different account says ”Martyine Croser Scotsman was the fyrste that broke the peace by showtinge an arrowe at Willm Fenwyck of Wallington and hurt him on the arm”
1578    May 11 -  Sebbell Croyser marries Anthony Taskar in Halifax, Yorkshire. 

James the VI takes over the government of Scotland from his regent James Douglas

1581    June 2 - John Routlege, Jerardes John, of Bewcastle complain upon the Crosers and Ellotes for removing 9 horse and naiges
1581    June - Sir Simon Musgrove, Knight with Thorn of the Todhill and his neighbors, complain upon: Robin Elliot of the Park, Sim Elliot, Clemie Croser, and Gawin’s Jock, and their complices for taking 60 kine and oxen, a horse and taking Thom Routledge prisoner.
1581    Clemmie Crosier hung.  Nebless Clemmie Crosier becomes head of Crosier Grayne
1584    Percevall Reade the young larde of Trochen , complains of several Ellots and Clemey Crosier called nebles Clemey
1584    May 3 - Nebless Crosier with Elliots and Nixons lift seven score kie and oxen with insight worth 40Lbs. Sterling from Sir John Forster. 

January 8 - Arche Croser and Clemye Croser sign the “Assurance of Liddesdale” for all the Crosers in Liddesdale


June 22 - Sir John Forster files a complaint against several Ellotts and Arche Croser “Gibs Arche”, for lifting 100 kye and oxen, two horses and meares, two hundred sheep, and insight worth 20 sterling


Michaelmas, Hunters, Milburnes, Eliots, Cleme Croser called “Nebles Cleme”, Armstronges and three hundred other men run a day foray, they take away forty score kie and oxen, three score horses and meares, five hundred sheep, burn sixty houses, spoil the same to a value of two thousand sterling and slay ten men


Michaelmas, “Wyntins Arche”, Edward Croser alias “Adey Farlamdes”, “Adams John”, and the “Tayllour” steal 12 horses and meares from John Heron


April 24 - John Croyser Ovynden, parish of Halifax, York registers his will.


   June 23 - The towns of Allenton and Linbriggs complain upon Will Ellott, Hob Ellott, Quintins’ Arche Croser and Renyon Armestrong and 200 others for reiving 100 kye and oxen, 20 horses and mares, spoiling the town, and taking 20 men prisoners


   Autumn - Five Elliots two Nixons Hob Croser and a Simpson steal in Over Warden fifty cattle and horses, upon being pursued they capture four of their pursuers and ransom them for 23L 1s 4d


   March 6 - Jock Sanderson, Anton Wilkingson, and Clement Wilkingson of the Lynbrigges, complain of Hobb Nixon, Jenken Nixon, his brother, Geordie Nixon of the Lareston burne, John Noble, Jock Shiell and Clemy Croser, Martin’s son, for stealing 13 kye and oxen, 3 horses and meares, and insight worth 6L sterling.


   April 13 - Sir John Forster submits “a bill upon Arche Croser and Wil Croser, quit by their oaths, referred to Robin and Martin Ellott, quit by Martin’s oath, but Robin refused to swear, whereby the bill is fyled under the truce”


   April 13 - Thomas Hall of Gersomfeeld and others submit a bill on Hob Ellot of Stanny sheilde and others, the bill is to be fyled at the next meeting


   April 30 - Raphe Anderson of Davisheille complains upon Clement Croser of Borneheades, Robert Armstrounge called “Hob the Taillour” and several others for sealing six oxen, and taking his brother John Anderson prisoner and ransoming him


   April 30 - Raphe Hall of Gersomefeeld, Thomas Hall of Otterburne, Clement Hall and others complain of Will Croser of Ryckerton , James Ellott called “James of the Hill” and other Ellotts for taking Raphe Hall and others prisoners then ransoming them receiving eight horses and mares but still keeping them prisoners


   April 30 - Sir John Foster complains upon Arche Croser “Quintons’ Arche”, Will Croser called “ill wild Will” and others for stealing eight nowte from Medupp


   April 30 - John Hall of Otterburne complains upon Clement Croser, son to Martin, John Croser, Archie Croser, “Kates” Adame Croser, Archie Ellott of the Hill, etc. for stealing ten kye, six oxen, and insight value 100 marks on February 8 last


April 30 - Nycholas Storye complains upon John Croser of Stanyeshiele, Arche Croser “Quintons Arche”, Hob Crosier his brother, Eddye Croser “the Pleg” etc. for stealing three horses and meares, a sword, three coverlets, 3 yards of whyte, 4 yards of russet, 3 sacks, in money 6s.


April 30 - William Hall of Gersomffeld complains on Quintius Arche Croser, Hob Ellott called “Hob of Stansheile”, etc. for stealing 6 kye, 4 young”uowte”, 2 “whyes”, 2 “stottes” and insight from Stewardsheile


April 30 -   The Larde of Troghwen and others complain of several Ellotts , “Quintons” Arche Croser, “Eddies “John Croser, Rowie Croser brother to “Nebles” Clemye, and 100 others for a day foray and reiving 100 kye and oxen, 5 horses and meares, lynn clothe, slaying 2 men and taking 2 prisoners on May 19, 1589.  More info


October 22 -  Robert Crosyer, Westminster yeoman, assaults John Keckham with a “Cowle staffe” John defends himself with his rapier and delivers a mortal wound to Robert under the left side of his breast and he dies the following day “Middlesex county records: Volume 1: 1550-1603”


March - Fosters, Crosers , and Nixons are given as surnames in Bewcastle, Cumbria “Proceedings” by Society of Antiquaries of New Castle Upon Tyne


By act of Parliament Presbyterianism be comes the established form of church government in Scotland

1592 or 1593     Historic portions of Ballad #193 “The Death of Parcy Reed” occur. 
1596    A day foray to Rinnion Hills,West Garth, Trocrossett, and Moor Gardes by the Nixons, Crosers, and Elliots of Burnheades nets 400  cattle and 6 horses
1597-1601    Irish Rebellion under Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone

July 20 - George Crosier demises Newbiggin manor and lands to George Garth for 26 years

1603    Battle of Glenshiel The Macgregor name is banned

King James the VI of Scotland becomes King James I of England also


Sir William Cranston is appointed to put to death all reivers living within two miles of the Scotland-England border.  


Rules of Jedart Justice: Reivers (including Crosers) are executed with out trial. 

1603 forward    The great Border Reivers Disapora - Reivers (most of Liddesdale) leave and go to:
   Northern England
   Become mercenaries in the Low Countries
   Fermanagh , Ulster plantation North Ireland
1611    King James VI/I has the Bible printed in English

   The last Chief of Clan Armstrong is hung in New Castle Upon Tyne. 


   “Selections from the household books of the Lord William Howard of Naworth“, By Lord William Howard, George Ornsby this book lists the tasks of the Crosier, Crossier, Crosyer servants Rob, Hobb, Thomas, and Wm.

1613    Richard son of William Croyser baptized, Wath-Upon-Dearne
1615/16    March 1 - buried Margrett wife of Wm. Croyser, Wath-Upon-Dearne, Yorkshire
1615/16    March 24 - William Croyser of Wath is buried
1616    November - Robert Croser of Welpdaleholme flees to Ireland ten years after stealing cattle in Northumberland to avoid deportation

   Anthony Du Crozat born in Dauphine France.  More info


   April 24 -  George, age 24, is son and next heir to George Crosier of Newbiggin. 

1624    Virginia becomes a Crown colony

   June 9 - Anthony Crosier, Master of Captain Alleyne’s ship the “Adventure” is charged with misconduct

1627    Robert Croser, of South Cave and Elizabeth Burton, of North Newbald, Yorkshire, receive a marriage license

   February 16 - Anthony Crosier petitions King Charles I for the prize ship ”St. Peter” of Dunkirk to compensate for the loss of his ship the “Jonas” of Newcastle

1627    William Croyser and Faith Nicholson, of Kirkby, Yorkshire, receive a marriage license

   January 5 - Anthony Crosier is wounded in his right arm while being assaulted by Capt. Burley, his purser, quartermaster, and several others


   January 30 - Anthony Crosier, Captain of the “William” submits a certificate to Lord Admiral Buckingham the names and deeds of those deserving recompense for service aboard the “William” before the citadel of St. Martin. “Upon relieving of the fort the enemy replying with ordinance, one mans’ leg was shot off” and all the soldiers and seamen left the ship” the “William takes eleven shots under water but is patched up.


   February 18 - Anthony Crosier is granted the prize ship “St. Lawrence” in consideration of the loss of his own ship in service of the late king and for his service at the Isle of Rhe


   September - A pension of 40l. per annum is granted unto Anthony Crozier, mariner,  and Isabell, his wife, during their lives , in consideration of his service


   June 11 - Peebleshire, Scotland. The sheriff of Peebles and his deputes are commissioned to search for, imprison, and examine a number of persons including Marion Croser in Slipperfield, who are “vehementile suspect” of witchcraft.


   John Croser is listed in the muster roll of Fermanagh, Ireland. 


The French Jesuit missionary Jean de Bebeuf sees Iroquois tribesmen playing bagatawy in 1637 he is first European to write about the game.[6] He called it lacrosse (croce) “the stick"

1640    Establishment of linen manufacturing in Stramore by the Banbridge Croziers, some of whom are Quakers
1641    Catholics in Ireland revolt, 30,000 Protestants massacred

   January 15 - Anthony Croyser of Mixenden in Ovenden,York, yeoman writes his will. 


   November 29, Register of the Privy Council of Scotland, Edinburgh, “peace in the said Borders is brokin and his good subjects there infested in their persons and goods by depredatations, thifts, stouthreaffes and other nefarious facts committed by the persons underwritten” among them,”Will Croser, sone to umquhill Johne Croser called the Fryday theefe, and Lyell Croser and his sone”


   April 19 - George Croyser, Northowrome late of Mixenden, in Ovenden,York, yeoman, writes his will. 

1645    June 26, Colonel Thomas Midfordof County Durham, while trying to arrest Crosier, a captain under the Earl of Newcastle, pricks him with his sword, Crosier dies three days later
1650     Approximate date of common ancestor of Halifax, Vt. Crosier and Magerhculmoney, Co.Fermanagh Crozier, descendants, sample #119438 and #180858 data is at, Crozier Project.  More info
1650    September 3 -  Hercules Corser is captured at the Battle of Dunbar he later appears in Charlestown Massachusetts.  More info

   June 12 - Robert Stewart marries Bethia Rumball, he is a bound (indentured) prisoner from the Battle of Worcester. Their second child Abigail born 1666 marries Richard Crosier of Norwalk.  More info


   June 20 - The daughters of Anthony Crosier sign a receipt acknowledging payment of 50l. of royal bounty in recognition of their fathers’ service to Charles I. Witnessed by the mayor and justices of Newcastle on Tyne

1666    Battle of Rullion Green
1675-1676     King Philips’ War, Massasoit’s’ son Metacom tries to unite the Algonquin speaking New England native people and retake their ancestral land, they fail, many are sold into slavery and sent to Barbados.  More info

   Richard Crosier who is indentured to Jonathan Rose of Branford, Connecticut runs away.

1684    William Samuel Crossett born in Belfast, Ireland. 

   Abigail Brown is born the town of Bedford, Westchester Co., N.Y. she later marries Richard Crozier


   June 15 -  The Kings Chapel, an Anglican church in Boston Massachusetts is organized.  More info


   July -  The residents of Enniskillen send an address to King William stating that they are going to remain in Enniskillen and defend themselves against the Jacobite (James II) forces. Jo. Crozier (John) is one of the signers.  More info

1689    Wynnes Dragoons enter the house of John Crosier near Enniskillen and kill him

   Battle of the Boyne, Willamites defeat the Jacobites a song entitled “The Defence of Enniskillen“is composed about events surrounding the defense of Enniskillen, it mentions John Crozier. 

1692    The Massachusetts Bay Colony becomes the Province of Massachusetts Bay

   March 2, By order of the New York Council, Thomas Clark and John Crosier of Suffolk County, are to secure three drift whales  ashore, they are to have one-third of the oil and bone and to deliver the remainder to the New York custom-house

1704  February 29 -   French and Indian raid on Deerfield, captives taken to Canada.  More info
1704    May 2 -  John Croyser and Lydia Holdsworth are married. She bare a child the next day, England. 
1706    November 16 - John Gleave marries Eliizabeth Miller at Chester Meeting, Pennsylvania. Their daughter Ester Gleave marries John Crozer. 

   Richard Crosier of Norwalk, Ct. dies and his estate is probated


   John Cosier son of Rich. Cosier late of Norwalk, Conn., decd. Makes choice of Thomas Read of Norwalk as his guardian. ”Abstract of probate records at Fairfield, Connecticut“.


    The Province of Massachusetts Bay cedes to the Connecticut Colony 107,793 arces of “Equivalent Lands”. 43943 acres of these lands are now in the present towns of Putney, Dummerston, and Brattleboro, Vermont. 

1714    Last male descendant of Nicholas Croyser, George Crosier dies ending ownership of the manor of Newbigging in the Crosier surname, ownership continues in Surtees line.  More info
1716    Martha (Hamilton) Crossett arrives from Ireland, children: John, Archibald, William, later of Pelham, Robert, later of Rutland–          Rutland Vital Records p. 127, Descendants are YSearch DNA sample #2QQAN and #Q783J
1718    The “Irish” potato is introduced to New England by the arrival of the first wave of Scots-Irish
1719    November 3 -   Martha Linsy who came from Ireland on the ship “Elizabeth” is warned out of Boston.-“Immigrants to New England, 1700-1775” by E. Bolton, New England Genealogical Historical Register Reg., Vol. 13, p.63.  More info
1721    A conference between Thomas Westbrook, delegate for New Hampshire, and Father Rasle, Jesuit missionary of Norridgewock,     M. Crozier from Quebec, and the Young Baron de St. Castin of Penobscot, whose mother was an Indian, convenes at Arrowsic       (now Maine)
1722    William Samuel Crossett dies, location unknown

   Five Crozier brothers come to America, Andrew settles in Columbus New Jersey, Robert settles in Philadelphia, and James John and Samuel settle in Delaware County “History of Bucks county, Pennsylvania: from the discovery of the Delaware to the Present Time Volume 1” By William Watts Hart Davis.  More info

1727    “Church of Presbyterian Strangers”, families from the North of Ireland, the descendants of emigrants from Scotland to Ireland in       the reign of James I, arrive in Boston – “A History of Boston”, Caleb Snow
1729    Rev. John Moorhead leads the flock of thirty believers, they purchase a lot on the corner of Berry Street and Long Lane (now Channing and Federal Street).  The local Bostonians name it the “Church of Presbyterian Strangers”. The congregation turns a barn into a house of worship. Record of baptisms for the first two years of this flock include the surname Crosier
1730-1736    James Crozier is the father of a child in the Presbyterian Baptismal records of Boston – "Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America", Bolton

   John Grozier is born in Boston, he dies 1770 December 24, at North Truro Barnstable, Mass.


   Arthur Crosier, son of John Crosier of Pelham, is born

1735    December 29 - An intent to marry is recorded in Kings Chapel for John Crosier and Martha Lindsey

Honorable John Read Esq. is a warden of Kings Chapel in Boston.  More info

1735/36    January 13 - John Crosier marries Martha Lindsey at Kings Chapel (Episcopalian). 
1737    September 24 - James Crosier marries Rachel Gleaves in the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia.
1738    Robert Peebles and John Thornton purchase land to become the Scots-Irish Presbyterian town of New Lisburn. Crossett family is among early lot holders.  More info

   May 21 to May 30,1739, Pvt. John Cosar is on military expedition to Fort St. George in Maine under Capt. John Gyles. “ Massachusetts Officers and Soldiers 1723-1743 Dummers War to the War of Jenkins’ Ear” by Myron Stachiw also “Documentary History of the State of Maine”.


   Crosier Surtees of Merryshield and Redworth is born in Northumberland. 


   Hannah, daughter of Elisha Perry, is born, probably in Danbury, Connecticut. She later marries Thomas Crozier.  More info


   Alexander Viets Griswold’s copper mine near Simsbury, Connecticut fails. A Boston company takes over operation, their agent is James Crozier, a zealous Episcopalian, he starts the St. Andrews Church in Scotland, called so because  the early settlers of the neighborhood were from Scotland.  More info

1740    December 16 - The War of Austrian Succession begins
1743    Date of birth on the gravestone of Lt. John Crosier, in Euclid Ohio.  More info
1743    January 15 - The common land called New Lisburne becomes the Town of Pelham.  More info

   December 7, An inventory of the estate of James Crozier of Simsbury Connecticut is taken. The estate is not settled until 1762 March 3, with a agreement between Samuel Griswold and Lancelet Crozier


   King Georges War begins.

1744    A line of three forts Fort Massachusetts, Fort Pelham, Fort Shirley, is  constructed in Northwestern Province of Massachusetts Bay   to protect settlers against French and Indian raids, land to the north which will one day become the state of Vermont is not protected. 

   February 17 - Thomas Sharpe Jr. marries Sarah Crozier, daughter of Richard and granddaughter of William Crozier, they reside in Newton Connecticut

1745    Jacobite Rebellion
1745    August30 - John, son of James Crosier, and wife Lydia, is baptized; he is more than a year old, at First Congregational Church of Rochester, Province of Massachusetts Bay
1746    Battle of Culloden: Jacobites defeated

   The first mention of a Crosier in Pelham Massachusetts; John Crosier pays his taxes; also in Pelham are his sons John, Arthur, and Robert


   October 18 - King Georges War/War of Austrian Succession ends


   The Scottish Lowland Clearances begins.  More info

1750  Lt. John Crosier born.  More info

   The Julian calendar is replaced with the Gregorian calendar in Britain and its’ colonies.


   The story of “John Crosier, Maldon Miller” commences with his birth on this date.  Printed in “Essex People, 1750-1900: from their diaries, momoirs and Letters”.  

1754    The French and Indian War begins
1757     Indians burn the “Red Mill” in Coleraine. 

   Arthur Crosier, John Lynsey, John Crosier Jr. march to the relief of Fort Henry under Captain Robert Lothbridge.  More info


July 17 - Arthur Crosier of Capt. Selah Barnards’ Company is part of an escort that conducts a French flag of truce from Diamond Island and up East Bay of Lake Champlain.  More info

1759    John Sr. and Arthur Crosier do service in the French and Indian War, they are listed on the muster roll “A return of men enlisted for   His Majesty’s’ service in the reduction of Canada”
1760    January, Parson Woodeforde , of Oxford England at Nicholas Halse’s saddlery “I threshed his apprentice(Benjamin) Crosier for making verses on me.”
1761    John Crosier of Pelham listed as fence viewer in West Parish.  More info
1761    July 27, John Rowe, who owned the tea thrown into Boston Harbour, mentions a  Crosier in a letter
1762    Prior to this date Robert Crosier lives in Colerain,”Biographical sketches of Richard Ellis, the first settler of Ashfield, Mass “ by Erastus Ranney Ellis “. 

Early in the year, three of the Crossett boys move to Turners Patent, Washington County N.Y. with James Turner, Alexander Conkey and others from Pelham, Mass.

1762-1763    Three Crosier brothers John, Robert, and Arthur, move to Halifax, Cumberland County N.Y. (latter becomes Vermont).  More info

French and Indian War ends


June 2 - Thomas Crozier, esq. citizen and sailor of London pays a fine of 400 pounds twenty marks to be excused of the office of sheriff of the city. “The London Chronicle, or Universal Evening Post” volume 13.

1764    July 28 -  James Crosier arrives in New York City from Ballybay with Dr. Clark and proceeds to Abbeville South Carolina with part of the congregation.  More info

 John Crosier leaves Ballybay, County Monaghan, North Ireland and settles in Turners Patent, Washington County, New York.   More info

1765    February and May - Robert Crosier Dr at Richard Ellis’s store in Coleraine
1765    June - John Crosier of Halifax barters 18Lbs of maple sugar at Richard Ellis’s store in Coleraine

November 12 -  William Henry Crozier marries Martha Carew in Newburyport , Massachusetts. 

1767    June 19 -  John Crosier of Hawick marries Janet Young, their children Jane, Margaret, and Robert spell their surname Crozier. 
1769    John Crosier of London England, receives certification of qualification as a surgeon

February 23 -  Thomas Leverett marries Martha Crosier, “the young widow of Dr. William H.” The ceremony is performed by Dr. Chauncy in Boston. “A Memoir Biographical and Genealogical, of Sir John Leverett Knt., Governor” by Charles Edward Leverett

1770    March 5 -  Boston Massacre. 
1770    December 25 - Captain John Crosier, age 39, from Ireland is transferred from the 108th foot to the 28th regiment
1774    June 25 - John Crosier is Master of the Empress of Russia six weeks out from Ireland, bound for Boston with the 38th regiment on board.  More info
1775    April 13 - Lt. John Crosier marries Fanna Whiting of Dedham
1775    April 19 - Revolutionary War starts in Concord, Lt. John Crosier is a minute man.

September 30, Saturday, at 10 A.M., near Fort Halifax, Benedict Arnold dines at Crosiers and hires him with his team of oxen to carry baggage overland around Five Mile Falls on the Kennebec River. He is on his way to the December 31 assault on Quebec City

1775-1781    Lt. John Crosier fights in Revolutionary war in and around the Province of Massachusetts Bay

October 3, The New York Sons of Liberty give their thanks to Mr. Jacob Vredenburgh, a barber, for his cessation of shaving the face of Captain John Croser, commander of the Empress of Russia ,one of his Majesty’s transports, upon being informed of the gentleman’s identity part way though the procedure.  More info


August 19 - At the Baltimore County Committee of the Maryland Council of Safety Mr. John Crosier exhibited a complaint against Mr. Jesse Hollingsworth for offering to sell tea at an exorbitant price. “American archives: consisting of a collection of authentick ..., Volume 1”.


December 30 - Mrs. Martha wife of Mr. John Crozer dies in Pelham, Mass. in the 67th year of her age and is buried in the Cook-Johnson Cemetery.

1777    August 16 - Cannons being fired during the Battle of Bennington are heard in Halifax Vt. by members of the Crosier family (oral tradition)

Paul Davenport settles on Catamount Hill, Coleraine, Mass.  More info

1779    Will of Monkhouse Crosier, brother of John Crosier, surgeon of London, England, is probated
1779    Province of Massachusetts Bay, now becomes the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
1779    December 25 - The will of John Crozzer is proved, at Millford Township, Cumberland County Pa. Descendant is Familytree DNA #203266.  More info
1780    October - William Crosier at Orange Valley Estate, Tobago dies of a sudden “putrid fever”
1781    American Revolution ends at Yorktown
1782    February 8 -  Robert Crosier is born in Northumberland, England, He marries Eleanor Stokoe, and emigrates to the United States.  More info
1782    April 12 - Robert Crosier is a seaman aboard the frigate “Deane” commanded by Capt. Nicholson, he serves until May 31, 1782. 
1783    John Crosier serves as pound keeper in Halifax. Vt.
1783    April 4 - “John Crosier drilled and blowed rock” From: “The Ames Diary” Dedham, Mass. 
1784    John Crosier serves as tithing man in Halifax, Vt.     

May 17 - Alase Crosther of Pelham, Mass. signs a petition for clemency for Henry McCulloch of Pelham who in the goal of Northampton because of involvement in Shays’ Rebellion “History of Pelham, Mass: from 1738 to 1898, including the early history of“ by Charles Oscar Parmenter.

1787    August 28 - John Crozier is born in Virginia. 

Charles Crozier of Drumcose, Co. Ferminagh Northern Ireland is listed in the Poll of Electors. He is the father of James Crozier born 1789.  Descendant is FamilytreeDNA #119438.

1790    Arthur Crosier serves as fence viewer in Halifax, Vt.
1791    Lt. John Crosier moves to Partridgefield (Peru), Massachusetts   

August 10, William Winter, a gypsy, with Jane and Eleanor Clark are executed at the Westgate, Newcastle for the death of Magaret Crozier, an old woman of Raw Pele, a tower two miles north of Elsdon. The gibbet still stands there today.


November 15 - William Hunt of Shutesbury, and Polly Crosher of Pelham are wed.


William Crosier, Joseph Knapton, George Harrison, and Peter Ouston are convicted for poaching near the residence of Rudston Calverley Rudston of Hayton esq. in the East Riding of Yorkshire. 


Charles Crozier of Magheraculmoney, county Fermanagh is on the “Flax Growers Bounty List”

1797    February 10 - Elizabeth Arnott is born in Gap Mills, Monroe, Virginia. She marries John Crozier. 
1799    Napoleons’ Aide-de-camp Crosier dies at Jean-d’Acre
1800    Arthur Crosier of Halifax, Vt. Serves on the Grand Jury

John Crosier Esq. of Ickenham dies at the age of 80, a monument is erected to him in the church yard.  More info


Adam Crosier, with wife, three sons, and two daughters leave Glasgow Scotland and arrive in the English settlement which became the towns of Seneca and Gorham, N.Y.  More info, More info


August 26, Captain Richard Crozier is born, the eldest son of R.B. Crozier, Esq., of  West Hill, Ilse of Wight; brother of Lieut W. P. Crozier, R.N.; grandson of the gallant Sir Richard Pearson, Knight, who in Sept.1799, beat off an American squadron of  twice his own force under the notorious Paul Jones.


June 12 - Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier enlists in the Royal Navy and serves aboard HMS Hamadryad


   Reverend Samuel B. Crosier a Methodist Episcopal minister was born in Halifax, Vt. He was converted at the age of twenty; soon after received license to preach; in 1831 was admitted into the Black River Conference; became a superannuate in 1868, and died at Clyde, N. Y. Dec. 3, 1870.

1816    Lt. John Crosier moves to Euclid, Ohio

 John Grozier becomes keeper of the Highland Light in Truro, the first lighthouse on Cape Cod. 

1821    February 19 - Capt William Crozier of the brig Indian of London rescues survivors of the whaler Essex which had been sunken by a large sperm whale. 
1823    Joseph Crosier and his two sons Joseph Jr. and David are the first permanent settlers of Searsburg, Vt. Later James Crosier builds the first sawmill.  More info
1823    Philip Crosier (son of John Jr.) along with other Halifax, Vt. Families move to Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
1823    May 2 - Lt. John Crosier dies in Euclid, Ohio, “Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the During the War of the Revolution” by Francis Bernard Heitman
1823    Ballad #193, “The Death of Parcy Reed” is collected by Sir Francis James Child

September 2 - Adam Crosier of Halls Corners N. Y. is born, his father George was born in Northumberland, England in 1784. “History of Ontario, New York” by Lewis Aldrich and George Conover.

1825    January 8 - Mary Jane Crosier from Ireland has her daughter baptized at Harvard, Massachusetts
1825    John Price Crozer purchases Mattson paper mills in Crozerville, Ashton, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Joseph Crozier of Gate Ghyll Farm Threlkeld, Cumbria, maintains a kennel of hounds, they last hunted on 2006 February 17, after which hunting with dogs was declared illegal by Act of Parliament.  More info

1829    June 10 - Robert Crosier of Halifax, Vt. Dies
1830    Abner Crosier of Halifax, Vt. Marries Philena Guellow and they move to Thompson, Pennsylvania
1834    December 20 - Capt. Crozier is appointed to the Victor 16 and cruises the Malacca Straights for pirates

1839 - Harlow Crosier, from Berkshire County, Massachusetts, cousin of Almon W. Babbit, marries Mary S. Fowler in Lake County, Ohio. He is a member of the early Church of Latter Day Saints. 

1839    Joseph Crosier of Searsburg, Vermont buys more land at auction. 
1840    First American patent for a photographic camera. 

 John Crozier of Enniskillen, County Fermanaugh, arrives in Ceylon. 


September 14 - The Crutched Friars, also known as the Crosier Fathers and Brothers, has dwindled to four aged members in the Netherlands, King Willem II repeals certain laws allowing the acceptance of novices into the order. 


January 1 - Francis Crosier Comander of HMS Terror crosses the Antarctic Circle for the fist time

1841    Jonathan Crozier killed in a coal mine disaster at Bigge’s Pit at Willington, Northumberland
1846    Height of Irish potato famine

O.R.L. Crosier publishes “The Law of Moses”.  More info


September 12 - HMS Terror and Erebus are trapped in the ice of Victoria Strait


April 16 -  Navel cadet, H. E. Crozier, from the gunboat HMS Calliope, accidentally shoots Hapurona Ngarangi, a young Maori, in the face, instigating a war in Whanganui.  More info

1847    Dr. Asa Fitch, entomologist, son of Dr. Asa Fitch, son of Dr. Peletiah Fitch of Halifax, Vt., commences accruement of articles that are to become “The Fitch Gazetteer of Washington County New York” It contains information on the John Crosier family of  Turners Patent and on the Crossetts who came there from Pelham, Mass.       

  Some time after April 26, Captain Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier dies in the vicinity of King William Island.  More info


The “Boston Medical and Surgical Journal” Volume 42-page 399 states that Mrs. Crosier of Halifax, Vermont died last month at the advanced age of 105 years and 5 months.

1853 July -  Isabella Crozier of Hartlepool wanders the streets looking for work, she is later convicted of murdering an infant. 
1854    November - The Supreme Court of Suffolk County, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “The Attorney General vs. The Proprietors of The Meeting House in Federal Street in the Town of Boston”, the Church is taken to court for no longer being Presbyterian  

November 27, Lieutenant John Crozier of Enniskillen serves in the Fermanagh Light Infantry


Robert Crozier and Sarah Crozier of Tyrone Ireland are married and settle in Schuyler County Illinois.  More info

1855    The vital records of the town of New Salem, Massachusetts are consumed in a fire, only the church records remain. Robert Crossett b. 1723 lived with his family in New Salem.  Descendant is FTYDNA Sample #202275.    More info

December 26 - Wm. Crozier kills the brothers Fleming who attempt to thwart his marrying their sister.

1857    June 30 - Pierre Crochetiere is born in Maskinonge, Quebec, Canada
1861-1865    U.S. Civil War

 Hon. John Crozier, M.L.C. purchases Moorna Station on the Murray River. He was born near Hawick, Roxburgh, Scotland.  Arriving in New South Wales in 1838, he initially managed the estate of Redesdale, near Braidwood, Australia. 

1862    Most numerous household names in Magheraculmoney, Fermanagh, North Ireland: Armstrong 34, Breen 18, Crozier 18, Elliot 18, McCosker 18, Beatty 17

July 15 - Silas Crosier of Bristol Vt. 18 years old, single, farmer, is drafted into the Massachusetts 54th Infantry Company K 


August 14 - Eugene Crosier a farmer from Bristol Vt. serves as a hired substitute Pvt, Co. A, Massachusetts Infantry Co. 54th.. 

1863    September - General Ambrose Burnside occupies the house of John Hervey Crozier, in Knoxville, Tenn. because of its’ library

   December 19 - Nelson Crosier age 25 a laborer from Lincoln Vt. enlists in the Massachusetts 54th Infantry Company A. as a private.

1864    March 25 - George W. Crosier, seaman US Navy, from Buffalo, N.Y. receives gun shot wounds in the breast and over the stomach, aboard the U.S.S. Peosta off Peducah, Kentucky

May 2 - Walt Whitman, poet, who volunteered as a nurse in army hospitals during the Civil War, records the name of one patient; James P. Crosier, bed 4, ward K, he is from Halifax Centre, Windham co, Vermont “Notebooks and Unpublished Prose Manuscripts: Washington” by Walt Whitman. 


   August 20 - Eugene, Nelson, and Silas Crosier muster out of the Massachusetts 54th Infantry


   September 7 - Calvin Crozier is returning home to Texas at the end of the Civil War he becomes involved in a altercation and is executed by Union troops


   Beers atlas shows D. Murphy living next to W.T. Cosier in New Fairfield, Ct. 


   January 16 -  Robert H. Crozier in Bernards’ saloon in Elko, Nevada, in the company of some women of ill repute, engages in angry conversation and shoots Montana Charley.


  July 4 Afternoon - James Crosier and his son-in-law Bill Smith go to the village of Green River, in the town of Guilford, Vt. They consume alcoholic beverages purchased at the local store own and operated by Chester H. Wilcox


   July 4 - Evening, Smith assaults Crosier and beats him in a brutal manner, Crosier dischages a firearm at Smith and kills him


October 1 -  The clipper ship Nelson sails from Glasgow on board are Ross Crozier, his wife Jane and children Charlotte 10, Eleanor 8, Jemina 6, Alexandrina 4, Thomas John 3, and Jane Eliza 1


   December 31 -   The Nelson arrives in Otago, New Zealand with Ross Crozier, his wife Jane and children Charlotte, Eleanor, Jemina, Alexandrina, and Jane Eliza. 


   February -  Minnie E. Smith (aka Abigail Minerva Crosier) wife of William Smith and daughter of James Crosier, sues Chester Wilcox for selling liquor with no license.  More info


   July - The State of Nevada vs. Robert H. Crozier is determined by the Supreme Court of Nevada. “Reports of cases determined by the Supreme Court of the State of Nevada, Volume 12 ”page 300


   October 30, Robert H. Crozier is hung in Winnemucca, Nevada


James Crozier b. 1853 in Drumhose, Magerahculmoney, Co. Fermanagh, emigrates to Australia and marries Jessie Marriott in 1880

1884    November 30 - Louis Thomas Crochetiere, son of Pierre Crochetiere, is born in Holyoke, Massachusetts
1885    March -  Leif Crozier RCMP engages Metis in the Battle of Duck Lake, Manitoba.  More info
1888    October 4 - Elsie A. Haskins’ name is changed to Agnes E. Crosier due to adoption in Williamstown, Mass.
1890    March 31 -  Napoleon Joseph Croshier Sr., son of Pierre Crochetiere is born in Holyoke, Massachusetts. 

Willard O. Crosier (Halifax, Robert) is a tinsmith in Rochester N.Y., he is the son of Rev. Samuel B. Crosier


September 10 -  There is a double train wreck inside the Hoosac Tunnel, A. M. Crosier is the telegraph operator at the East Portal. 


 John Archie Crosier graduates from Hopkins Academy in Hadley Massachusetts. 


August 21 -  Charles Crosier of South River, N.J. takes his wife shopping in New York City and looses her


History of Pelham, Mass. from 1738 to 1898, including the early history of Prescott by Parmenter, C. O. (Charles Oscar) is published if contains the first published account of the Halifax Crosier family.  More info

1898    November 3 - Major William Jefferson Crosier musters out after returning from Cuba.  More info

March 6 - While switching cars in the Hoosac Tunnel yard Winthrop Crosier is caught between the roofs of to cars and bruises his left arm and left leg. “Annual Report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners, Volume 32”.

1901    General William Crozier becomes Chief of Ordinance of the U.S. Army

August 1 - descendants of Adam Crosier from Glasgow, Scotland in 1801 gather in Halls’ Corners N.Y. for a reunion. 


William Armstrong Crozier writes “The Use and Abuse of Armorial Bearings,” an article appearing in The Delineator (March, 1905). 


   January - The Manchester Quarterly prints “John Crozier of Riddings, Master of the Hounds”. 


   “The Buckners of Virginia and the Allied Families of Strother and Ashby” by William Armstrong Crozier is published by the Genealogical Association. 

1910    April 10 - James Crosier and his wife Mary sue Joseph Kellogg and his wife Orre Anzellette of Amherst, Massachusetts after signing a deed selling their house with life Estate. “Massachusetts Reports: Cases argued and determined in the Massachusetts Supreme Court, Volume 210”
1911-1920    John Baptist Crozier Archbishop of Armagh of the Church of Ireland and Primate of all Ireland.

  April 20 - The patent infringement case of William Crozier vs. Fried. Krupp Aktktiengesellschaft is Argued, it concerns manufacture of the Model 1902 field gun.  More info

1912    December 21 - John Crozier once the high sheriff of Fermanagh is sentence for the starvation of his son.  More info
1914    William Perceval Crozier writes “Manchester Guardian History of the War” (England)

August 1 - Dr. Crozier removes 42 foot tape worm. “Journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 63, Part 1” by American Medical Association.

1915    August 28 - William Crozier of Boston losses the fat mans’ foot race by a foot at the Boston Plumers’ Annual Outing
1916    January 27 -  Brigadier-General Frank Percy Crozier orders the firing squad execution of James Crozier of the Royal Irish Rifles. 

 Wilmont Crozier of Osceola, Nebraska purchases a Ford B tractor which he is quite disappointed with, after his election to the Nebraska House of Representatives he sponsors HR85, a bill to compel manufactures to test their tractors to insure that they meet advertised claims.  More info


October 29 - W. J. Crozier publishes “On the method of progression in polyclads” in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 4:379-381. 


HMS Cozier, Royal Navy, launched as a survey vessel, built by William Simons & Co. 

1922    April 13 - Rory O'Conner with 200 Irregulars under his command take over the Four Courts building in Dublin, Ireland. The artillery shelling and ensuing fire destroy historic documents in the Public Record Office.

   The Crosier Fathers and Brothers establish a priory and school in Onamia, Minnesota


F.P. Crozier writes “A Brass Hat in No Man’s Land” about the authors’ experiences in World War I

1932    Miss Jennie M. Patten “A Genealogical Record of Mrs. Martha Hamilton Crossett”

November 18 - The Ossoli Circle celebrates its golden anniversary. Mrs. Lizzie Crozier French is a founding member, the group supports women’s suffrage. 


December - edition of Popular Mechanics runs an advertisement selling the Crosier history and coat of arms. Available from the Media Research Bureau, Washington D.C.


F. P. Crozier writes “The Men I Killed” He reflects on World War I and the men he killed and those he had had shot for cowardice

1937    Miss Frances Plimpton writes “Crossett Genealogy”. 

December -   F. Byron Crosier and J. Hunter Pearson form a partnership to run Crosier and Pearson Funeral Home. 

1940    March 24, Ralph Crosier of Colrain, Mass. Marries Frances Brewer and they have a dandy bunch of kids

December 28 - "The American Society of Genealogists is formed, with the cooperation of the U.S. Postal Service, it forces dissolution of the Media Research Bureau that sold genealogical data "on your family name" along with coats of arms.


Bernard Harley “Barney” Crosier graduates from Wilmington High School, he then attends Vermont Agricultural School in Randolph, Vermont.  More info

1942    Charles Cecil Crozier of Lower Stotfold, Elwick, Durham commences keeping milk records on their dairy farm

January 4 - Rossiter Henry Crozier is born in Jodhpur, India. He was a leader in the study of the evolutionary genetics of social insects.  More info

1948    Martin Luther King Jr. enters the Crozier Theological Seminary
1950    Bonnie and Marilyn Crosier attend the Squabble Hollow Elementary School in Lyndonville, Vermont
1954    The Crosier Bros. buy and operate “Crystal Spring Farm” dairy farm, in Adamsville, Mass.  They also haul livestock

Ethel Rafter Williams writes “The Williams-Rafter Family History”.  More info

1971    George McDonald Fraser writes “Steel Bonnets: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers” which includes the history of some of our border reiveing ancestors such as Clemie Croser and Nebless Clemie Croser and the action around Liddesdale

Roy A. Foulke writes “Crosier Family One Branch Descended from James Crosier” it concerns the Crozier family of Prince Edward Ireland

1981    James Crosier, descendant of Lt. John Crosier, establishes Crosier Electric, Inc. in Dalton, Mass

Maxine Phelps Lines writes “Descendants of Anthony Crossett”. 

1986    August 26 - Chas. Crosier, while canoeing the North Saskatchewan River from Rampart Creek to The Pas, stops at Fort Carlton

December 15 -  “Glory” a movie about the Massachusetts 54th in the Civil War is released.  More info

1990    Frank Pulaski commences commitment of the Crosier Pedigree to computer.  More info

“The History of Parliament, The House of Commons 1386-1421” by J. Roskell, Clark and Rawcliffe is published. It contains biographies of members of the House of Commons in England one of whom was William Croyser of Fetcham and Stoke Dabernon, Surry

1993    Benjamin Crosiers great grandson Ralph with the help of his wife Frances, and daughter Judi establish the annual Crosier reunion in Colrain, MA.  More info
1994    Margret Macarthur of Marlboro, Vt. Records “Crossetts’ Catamount” with the Duxbury, Vt. fifth and sixth grade class. 
1995    January 1 - Fellside Recordings releases “Fyre and Sworde” Songs of the Border Reivers, FECD 131, it contains the only commercially available recording of Child Ballad #193 “The Death of Parcy Reed”.  More info

Martha Crosier Wood writes “The Stone Connection: Ancestors of James Poly Stowe : Joseph Crosier and Sally Stowe, David Stowe, Jr. and Elizabeth Crosier of Halifax, Vermont”.  More info

1996    Ida Florence Wright Crozier and Darlene Ann Budzey Crozier write “The Family History of Lieutenant John Crosier and His Descendants” ISBN 0-921703-06-6
1996    Iris Wilcox Baird writes “Crossetts and Crosiers some of the Descendants of Anthony Ducrozat c.1624” (Lancaster N.H.: 1996)
1996    Iris Wilcox Baird writes “The Crosiers of Halifax, Vermont: Some Descendants of John Crosier c. 1714 – c. 1755” (Lancaster,NH)
1998    September -  Kevin Crosier of East Berne, New York with his father and son, dismantle, move and reconstruct a post and beam barn to house his maple sugar. 

May 21 - Samuel Franklin Croziers’ daughter Dorothy Crozier Chafins’ story “Children's life on Colorado ranch recollected” is posted on line at the Sharlot Hall Museum web page.


September 5 - “The John Crosier Family of Albany New York” is posted on line. 


“Men of Color, To Arms! Vermont African-Americans in the CivilWar” by James Fuller is published


August 16, The battle of Bennington 225 anniversary is celebrated at the Crosier Family Farm in Bennington Vermont. 


October 8 - Crosier Fathers and Brothers Province issue “Statement of Policy Regarding Sexual Misconduct”


July  - This issue of “Vermont Geanealogy contains an article “Children of Samuel Nichols of Halifax, Vt.” by Eic W. Witschi. It discusses Abigail Nichols’ family with Philip Crosier. 


“Crozier: Four Days In September 1865” by Charles R. Hanson is published, it is about Calvin Crozier in Newberry South Carolina on his way home to Galveston Texas after the cessation of the Civil War


 Julie and Doug Crosier of Arlington, Vermont reclaim 20 acres of land and raise a herd of alpacas.

2005     Jim and Helen post on the web: The Croziers of Northumberland and Durham. 
2006    May 31 - Town of Florida, Massachusetts dedicates the fire station to M. D. Crosier, “Doc”, by erecting a bronze plaque in his likeness.

“Captain Francis Crozier: Last Man Standing”, by Michael Smith is published. It is a biography of Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier, Royal Navy.  More info


August 6 - The Buschman & Crozier Family pedigree website is posted.  More info

2006    November 21 -  Colin James Crozier of Oxford, United Kingdom posts his Genealogical pedigree on line. 
2007    February 19 - Bob Crozier is interviewed about his experiences at the Swan Hunter shipyard. 

 Robert Grozier posts online “The Grozier Family History Website”. 

2007    Thomas Crossett posts a genealogy of the Crossetts online.

February 25 - Shirley Saunders updates the Crozier One Name Study web page. 

2008    The History Committee for the Halifax Historical Society, Inc. publishes “Born in Controversy History of Halifax, Vermont” it            contains a chapter on the Crosier brothers Arthur, John, and Robert and their offspring.

“The Coming of the Train” by Brian Donelson is published, it contains references to several Halifax Crosiers.


May 3 -  “The Ballad of Calvin Crozier” by the Celtic rock group “Seven Nations” becomes available on line


January 10 -  Karen Kemmis-Morse updates “Descendants of John Kimmis and Mary Darragh” it includes John Crosier Sr. and his wife Agnes Darragh and their descendants who settled on Turners Patent in Washington County N.Y. in 1764.  More info


June 25 - A document is posted on line called “The Families of David William Hoare and Lillian Annie Brooker” it contains the genealogy of a Crosier family in Middlesex, England.

2010    May 12 - Lorraine “Calamity” Crozier of Motherwell, North Lanarchshire, is named as Scotland’s most accident prone person.  More info
2010    May - Halifax Crosier descendant is DNA tested Haplotype R1b1a2 (FamilytreeDNA #180858) and matches with a Crozier (FamilytreeDNA #119438) in Drumhose, Magheraculmoney, County Fermanagh North Ireland, common ancestor ~1650. But does not match with a living descendant of William Samuel Crossett of Pelham, Haplotype I1 (FamilytreeDNA #173544)

August 12 - “Children of Moorfield” is posted on line, it is “A family history blog for all Croziers with roots in Moorfield, Trillick, Co. Tyrone”.  More info


November 1 - Vera Marie (Chase) Crosier of Halifax, Vt.  More info

2010   November 19 - Elizabeth Crosier becomes the first female pilot of the Canadain CC-177 Globemaster III, the Canadian Forces largest cargo aircraft.

December 6 - David Wyatt updates The David Wyatt Genealogy Project – Wyatt, Clark, Harrison, Crozier , Abernathy, Molaro, Chiesa, on line. It traces the descendants of John Crozier of Kinawley and his son John Crozier of Ballinamore. This Crozier line is represnted by FamlytreeDNA sample # 121888.  More info


February 5 - The Crozier Graham Family Tree is posted on line.  Its’ Crozier line starts with James of County Tyrone Ireland born 1754.


   May - A descendant of William Samuel Crossett thru his son Robert and Grandson Edward presents a sample FTYDNA #202275 it is a match for FTYDNA #173544 verifying the integrity of the Crossett line. It also substantiates that the church records of New Salem Ma. are incorrect in the listing Robert Crossett and his children as the surname Crosier.  More info


   May - A descendant of John Crozier, who’s’ will was proven on December 25, 1779 and died in Millford Township, Cumberland County Pennsylvania, submits FTYDNA sample #203266. He has a common ancestor with #180858 and #119438 about 425 years ago.  More info
Your YDNA sample will add to the understanding of our Cros/zier line.
Familytreedna page


May 22 - The website “The Ancestry of Sally Sleeper Russell of Worcester, Massachusetts” is updated by Jacqueline Sleeper Russell, it contains descendants of Arthur Crosier of Halifax. Vt.   More info


June 9 - “A Tribute to our Pioneering Ancestors Who Immigrated to Australia 1841 - 1883 - They Came, They Stayed & They Prospered”. Is updated on line. It contains pedigree information of the James Crozier family of Drumhose, Magheraculmoney, Fermanagh that immigrated to Australia.  More info

2011    October 10 - Ron R updates the genealogical pedigree of “Fulton County, Pa 351” it contains a pedigree of Charles W. Crosier who is descended from the Halifax, Vt. line of Crosiers.  More info
2012    April 4 - the YDNA data of the fifth cousin once removed of #180858 is added to the Cros/zier YDNA Project.

Your YDNA sample will add to the understanding of our Cros/zier line.